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About Us

Modern life sees us spend longer hours toiling at work and less time enjoying at play. Precious after hours and weekends go by so fast that Monday always seems to be around the corner. To live life to the fullest, any free time should be enjoyed with like-minded people of similar interests.

MeetDrinks is a geo-social group meet-up application that brings people closer together over a mutual appreciation for bespoke drinks and elegant conversations. Inspired by the popular Japanese concept of gōkon (合コン), MeetDrinks' group dating will see two users connect and each can bring up to 4 friends to the date. Like a group blind date, it is a safe alternative to single dating and eases tension when both parties have the company of their friends.

Simply put, our app matches groups of compatible urbanites in the same area to meet for drinks.

How does it work?

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With the MeetDrinks app on iOS or Android,
you can effortlessly find others of the same mind.

Meeting more new people has never been simpler

First, enter your profile to indicate your preferences/interests. Second, take a selfie for easy recognition. Third, your general location will be noted to narrow down the search. Fourth, swipe left or right from a list of people with similar tastes in your area.

When you get a match, don't need to waste time on endless and pointless chatting. With our fast chat (open only for a 24 hour window) between matches, it compels quick introductions that leads to either a date, group date or moving on.

To help break the ice and confirm a reservation at a partnering venue, for a date you will pre-order 1 drink at $10 (double dates are 2 drinks for $20 and so on). When both parties agree, you will be directed to the venue to meet for drinks at your mutual convenience.

Who is it for?

Professionals, Managers and Executives who have everything - except time to waste.

Meeting new people who are in sync with their schedules and interests is high on their priorities list.



To help hectic professionals make ideal matches, we've signed up bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and more in Singapore, Thailand, China, United Kingdom, South Africa and United States.

In the near future, we aim to be in every city around the world that values meeting new people and bonding over drinks.

We are always looking for more interesting and conducive outlets to join our partner program.

Venues who take part have seen improved and sustained sales. Also, there were increases in reservations and reservations on traditionally quiet shifts.

For more information on the perks of joining in, please email:

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